Dirico pic

We love the classic look and feel of Harley bikes at Manchester Harley-Davidson, but we know that customization and expression are central to what Harley is all about. That’s why we’re proud to be the original dealer of Dirico Motorcycles USA, which uses the best Harley-Davidson components and accessories to create machines that are more than just bikes – they’re personal statements. These bikes are bold, they’re beautiful and they convey expert craftsmanship and care.

Dirico stands for compassion, too, as the custom-bike company is auctioning off four handcrafted custom motorcycles, plus one Harley-Davidson bike, to benefit the branches of the United States military. In partnership with Veterans Count, a program of Easter Seals New Hampshire, Dirico and Barrett-Jackson Auction Company are auctioning off the bikes to raise awareness and funds to support the needs of veterans, service members and their families.

Two of the bikes were auctioned off in Scottsdale, Ariz., on January 19. One bike pays tribute to the U.S. Marine Corps by honoring the “Black Hawk Down” incident from the Battle of Mogadishu, while the second bike auctioned, a 2012 red DIRICO Speedster, paid homage to the Marine Corps by displaying artwork that depicts the raising of the flag at Iwo Jima. All proceeds from both auctions will go to Veterans Count, which in turn will use the funds to provide “emergency financial assistance to service members for housing, utilities, food, child care, medical bills, transportation and more.”

The remaining three motorcycles commemorate the U.S. Army, women in the military and Navy SEAL Team 6, and they will be auctioned off by Barrett-Jackson in Palm Beach, Fla., in April.

“We are extremely grateful to Steve Talarico, President of Dirico Motorcycles, who has played an instrumental role in connecting the right people to make all of this happen for our veterans and their families,” Karen Van Der Beken, chief development officer at Easter Seals, said in a release. “The sale of these motorcycles will allow us to continue to help the military families we serve.”

Stop by our Harley-Davidson dealership in Manchester to take a look at some of the Dirico bikes we have in-house and to thank the coolest custom-bike shop around for giving our veterans the help and respect they deserve!