At our Harley-Davidson dealership in Manchester, we love that more and more women are taking to motorcycle riding as they look to tackle the open road with the same spirit of adventure and freedom that Harley riders have displayed for more than 100 years. That’s why we’re thrilled by recent news from the Motorcycle Industry Council (MIC) that indicates that the number of motorcycle ownership among women is on the rise!

According to, the MIC has announced ahead of their March meeting that motorcycle ownership among women is up about 20 percent since 2009. Around 10.5 percent of women owned motorcycles back then, while about 12.5 percent do now. That’s great news for women who have considered riding but have yet to take the plunge, men who want to share their love of bikes with the women in their lives and Harley dealerships that can welcome more women through their doors.

That more women are becoming interested in riding motorcycles shouldn’t come as a surprise. We recently covered news that women who ride motorcycles feel more confident and sexier than non-riders. Women riders indicated that they were also happier with their self-image, and even had better sex lives. With that knowledge in mind, why wouldn’t more women want to own a new Harley or another bike?

At Manchester Harley-Davidson, we’re proud to serve the growing number of women Harley riders out there, and we host Ladies’ Nights and sell Harley apparel just for women, too! Stop by our Harley dealership today and join the women’s motorcycle revolution.