Brad Baker wins the 2015 Indy Mile AMA Pro Flat Track

Another day, another victory for a Harley-Davidson motorcycle. At the 2015 Indy Mile AMA Pro Flat Track race, Brad Baker and his factory Harley-Davidson XR750 edged out a win on Saturday, July 11, blasting past his competitors in the final stretch to claim the victory.

Baker and his Harley faced steep competition in this race, mainly from Kawasaki riders Bryan Smith and Mikey Martin. Smith in particular was a challenging opponent, having just won three-straight Grand National Miles races. Baker pulled off some masterful drafting to pull ahead of his opponents right at the finish, with a mere 0.020 seconds separating him from Smith. Talk about a close one!

“I didn’t know if Bryan was not showing his hand or not, but tonight the factory Harley-Davidson had the power to get to the line first,” Baker told Cycle News. “It’s a great feeling to break his streak on the miles and finally getting the win here.”

The race itself was a brutal one for many involved, with the competition facing the red flag no less than three times before Baker could clinch the win. The race was stopped the first time due to a dangerous, bike-shattering crash in the third lap by KTM rider Shawn Baer, and the event was halted twice more when other riders had lesser spills of their own. The fourth start was the charm, though, with Baker drafting skillfully around fellow Harley rider Jared Mees and pulling off a slingshot maneuver to pass Smith and take first place at the last minute.

The series will now take a break for a few weeks, returning on August 4 at Black Hills Speedway in Rapid City, SD. This Harley-Davidson dealership in Manchester congratulates Baker on a victory hard earned! As usual, the famous Harley-Davidson XR750 proves it’s one bike that doesn’t mess around.