Kim Burleson releases her late husband's ashes on a Harley Super Glide

Burleson rides out and releases her husband’s ashes. (Courtesy)

Motorcycles have always had strong emotional ties to the hearts of their riders. Choppers have served as gifts to celebrate life milestones, instruments of relief for the overworked and overstressed, therapeutic tools for soldiers with PTSD and more. In this case, however, a motorcycle served as a last link between a loving wife and her late husband.

According to the Northeast Mississippi Daily Journal, Kim Burleson, age 53, is the widow to Bill Fryer, whom she’d first met 27 years ago. Back then, Fryer’s strong opinions and personality hadn’t left a positive impression with Burleson. Decades later, however, Burleson had an extra ticket to a hockey game, which Fryer accepted despite knowing next to nothing about it. Burleson ended up spending the game breaking down the sport for Fryer, who would go on to invite Burleson over to take a spin on his prized white Harley-Davidson Super Glide. She agreed, and the sparks quickly flew from that point forward.

Tragically, Fryer developed a persistent cough which doctors mistakenly diagnosed as pneumonia. By the time Fryer went to the emergency room, it was revealed he had cancer of the liver. Fryer ultimately succumbed to his illness in his wife’s arms in October of 2012. His final wish was for her to learn to pilot the Super Glide he was giving her so she could ride it and spill his ashes.

Burleson did just that, taking a four-day Rider’s Edge training course in Southaven, MS, and ultimately releasing the ashes just as her late husband wished in a day full of emotional release. The plan went slightly awry — the ashes ended up pelting her fellow riders in the face instead of being ground on their wheels — but Burleson says that’s just the type of error her mischievous husband would have loved.

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