Rare Harley-Davidson FHA 8-Valve V-Twin racer

Harley-Davidson FHA 8-Valve V-Twin racer (Photo Credit: Shannon’s)

One man’s trash may be another man’s treasure, but time-worn gold is still gold. Never has that been truer than it was on Monday, September 21, 2015, according to a Sydney Morning Herald report. At an auction house in Melbourne, Australia, a rusty Harley-Davidson sold for an astonishing $600,000, even with damaged wheels, chipped paint and flat tires. This is the most money ever spent at auction for a motorbike in Australian history!

The bike in question is a Harley-Davidson FHA 8-Valve V-Twin racer. True bike-lovers and die-hard Harley fans will know that there were fewer than 50 of these bikes built by Harley-Davidson between 1916 and 1928. Precious few of these bikes have survived in original condition, making this one of the rarest motorcycles on Earth. This particular racer, which also sports a dusty sidecar, is dated to around 1927. That also makes it one of the last of its kind to be constructed. It hasn’t been driven for over eight decades, as it was retired in the 1930s and left in a dry storage facility ever since.

The wealthy Australian who won this bike managed to outbid an American calling in by phone, declaring he would keep the antique in Australia where it belonged. The auction item was anticipated to go for more than $100,000, but the final sale price blew estimates away. It was described as a “watershed moment” for vintage bikes by Christophe Boribon, national auction manager for Shannon’s Melbourne Spring Auction, where the Harley was sold.

We wish we could take a closer look at this piece of history here at our Harley-Davidson dealership near Nashua, NH; you don’t see legendary bikes like this every day, after all. We congratulate the anonymous winning bidder, as well as the now very-rich sellers!