Harley-Davidson has been inspiring people all over the world for decades. With their rugged brand image, powerful performance and variety of models fit for all sorts of environments, H-D bikes have always been the epitome of cool. As such, they’ve been featured in movies and highly cinematic advertisements many times before, on both the big and small screens. Director Andreas Bruns brings us yet another example, an emotional short film that gives a subtle nod to that famous brand. Only this time, Harley-Davidson had nothing to do with the production at all.

The two-and-a-half-minute short is called “Inner Child,” and it comes to us from Germany. In the spot, a bitter salaryman tries to find purpose in his frustratingly dull life by taking a flight and going on a personal adventure through the great outdoors. Along the way, he hopes to get back in touch with his innocence and regain his sense of imagination. You don’t see a Harley come into play until the very end, and as the film fades out to the company logo. It’s a beautifully shot short, and it earned the director a Cannes Lions Young Director Award for Best Web Film.

What’s surprising about the branded film is that the brand in question wasn’t even involved. Harley-Davidson neither paid for nor solicited the ad, which was purely an entry for the Young Directors Award. Still, the company loves the film, according to Ad Week, and appreciates the power of its message. It’s just more proof that the Harley brand stirs up powerful emotions in shoppers and really gives you the urge to explore the world.

Be sure to watch the film and let us know what you think! If you’d like to embrace that spirit of freedom and get a big, bad hog of your own, come on down to our Manchester, NH, Harley-Davidson dealership and take one of our 2016 models for a spin!